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Deng - 20 October 07:46

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Audibert - 4 June 09:17

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Geoffrey - 7 August 21:23

Put that thing away! Let me do for you honey.

Opteyndt - 27 August 11:32

More thoughts anyone?

Vowles - 20 December 03:01

FYI- the stupid music ends at 10:00. Also, your friend has (or should I say "you have") a tiny penis. That's why you look like a with those fast, short strokes. However, you do have good stamina to keep going that long.

Oropeza - 29 April 19:33

wonderfull more more please

Mina - 15 February 07:42

My identifiers change often they're pretty fluid. Let's see, I'm cis-female (most days sometimes I feel genderqueer), Kinsey 4 or 5 (variously bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual homoromantic, gay, or most often just queer), agnostic panentheist (though I'm exploring universalist/progressive Christianity), Discordian, daughter, friend, sister, granddaughter, librarian, writer, anxiety sufferer, adult child of alcoholics, cat owner, Canadian, Hufflepuff, Nerdfighter (and I guess Sexplaneteer), INFJ (I think), 9w1 sp/sx (I think).

Dian - 29 July 14:10

Omg that is awesome